Programme 2023

Opening remarks
09:00 Opening and introductionsBoard stichting NCHIV
SESSION 1: Challenges to silencing the virus
Chairs: Shringar Rao (Erasmus MC) and Casper Rokx (Erasmus MC)
09:10 - 09:35Plenary: Host and viral factors underlying HIV elite control: implications for approaches to cureProf. Mathias Lichterfeld (Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA)
09:35 - 09:50Moderated Q&A
09:50 - 10:00O.01: Abortive HIV RNA in serum inversely correlates with transcriptional activity of the HIV reservoir in People with HIV Stefanie Kroeze (Amsterdam UMC)
10:00 - 10:10O.02: Starting ART early after HIV acquisition reduces long-term Non-AIDS Defining Malignancy risk Iris van der Wulp (Amsterdam UMC)
10:10 - 10:20O.03: Targeting Host Factors DDX3 and IAP Eliminates the HIV-1 Reservoir in People Living with HIV ex vivoJade Jansen (Amsterdam UMC)
10:20 - 10:30O.04: Exploring and comparing Biomarker Profiles and Comorbidity burden in people with and without HIV: A Latent Profile Analysis of the AGEhIV Cohort Study Manon Vanbellinghen (Amsterdam UMC)
10:30 Refreshment break
SESSION 2: Overcoming health disparities
Chairs: Anders Boyd (SHM, GGD Amsterdam) and Sarah Stutterheim (Maastricht University)
11:00-11:35SHM 2023 Monitoring Report key findings presentation

- Demo: Mapping HIV
Ard van Sighem (SHM)
Vita Jongen (SHM)
Rosan van Zoest, (Amsterdam health & technology institute, Ahti)
11:35-11:45O.05: Barriers and missed opportunities in PrEP uptake, use and care among MSM with recent HIV infection and previous PrEP experience in the Netherlands, 2022-2023: a qualitative studyJeffrey Koole (GGD Amsterdam)
11:45-11:55O.06: Unmasking HIV stigma: Perspectives of Dutch healthcare providersCarlijn Jordans (Erasmus MC)
11:55-12:20Plenary: Engaging the "Social" in HIV Research: Science & CommunityProf. Judith D. Auerbach (University of California, San Francisco, USA)
12:20-12:30Moderated Q&A
12:30-14:00Lunch and poster presentations
SESSION 3: Present and future of HIV and STI prevention
Chairs: Monique Nijhuis (UMC Utrecht) Henry de Vries (Amsterdam UMC, GGD Amsterdam)
14:00-14:25Plenary: Current and future options for biomedical prevention of HIV and STIs (online)Prof. Jean-Michel Molina (University of Paris Diderot, Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris, France)
14:25-14:35Moderated Q&A
14:35-14:50O.07: STI testing rates among PrEP users randomized to receiving 3-monthly or 6-monthly PrEP monitoring within the EZI-PrEP trial, the Netherlands: preliminary resultsMarije Groot Bruinderink (GGD Amsterdam)
14:50-15:00O.09: BG505 SOSIP.GT1.1 gp140 vaccine, adjuvanted is well-tolerated, has acceptable safety profile and elicits a potent autologous serum antibody response in HIV-uninfected adults in good general healthKarlijn van der Straten (Amsterdam UMC)
15:00-15:10O.10: BG505 SOSIP.GT1.1 gp140 expands B cells with broadly neutralizing antibody signatures: preliminary results from a phase 1 human clinical trialTom Caniels (Amsterdam UMC)
15:10-15:20O.11: Membrane-bound germline-targeting HIV-1 Env immunogens for mRNA vaccinationIván Del Moral-Sánchez (Amsterdam UMC)
15:20-15:30O.08: Sex-based differences in autologous neutralising antibody responses induced by a native-like HIV-1 envelope trimer vaccineEmma Reiss (Amsterdam UMC)
15:30Refreshment break
SESSION 4: Ratatouille of topics
Chairs: Vanessa Harris (Amsterdam UMC) and Natasja van Holten (LUMC)
16:00-16:10O.12: One-year evaluation: low acceptance and increasing costs following a health insurer-mandated split from branded single-tablet regimen to generic-based two-tablet regimenPiter Oosterhof (OLVG, Radboudumc)
16:10-16:20O.13: Majority of infected cells from peripheral blood of ART-treated individuals transcribe HIV-1 cell-associated gag RNAAlexander Pasternak (Amsterdam UMC)
16:20-16:30O.14: Implementing HIV teams sustainably improves HIV testing rates in patients with HIV indicator conditions: a multicenter studyKlaske Vliegenthart-Jongbloed (Erasmus MC)
Unique aspects of Cardiovascular Disease among Women with HIV: lessons from REPRIEVE
16:30-16:45Introduction (online)Dr. Markella Zanni (Dept of endocrinology, Mass General Hospital, Boston, USA)
16:45-17:20Panel discussion: Cardiovascular Disease Pathogenesis and Prevention: should we think differently about women with HIV?Hester den Ruijter, Berend van Welzen Fanny Lauw,
Markella Zanni, Natasja van Holten, Vanessa Harris (moderator)
17:20Presentation of Joep Lange & Jacqueline van Tongeren Junior Investigator’s Award and Best Poster Award winners & Closing
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