Programme 2022

More information regarding the next edition of NCHIV will be announced in the course of 2023.

09:00 - 09:10Opening and introductionsBoard stichting NCHIV
SESSION 1Innovations in Treatment, Vaccines and Cure
Chairs: Monique Nijhuis (UMC Utrecht) and Bram Goorhuis (Amsterdam UMC)
09:10 - 09:35Plenary: Antibody-based treatments for HIVMarina Caskey (The Rockefeller University, New York)
09:35 - 09:50Moderated Q&A
09:50 - 10:00O.01: Immunogenicity of an additional mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in people living with HIV with hyporesponse after primary vaccinationMarlou Jongkees (Erasmus MC)
10:00 - 10:10O.02: HIV-infected people in West-Kenya at higher risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection, symptomatic COVID-19, and COVID-19-related hospitalizations: Implications for COVID-19 vaccine prioritization in people living with HIV in Kenya Patricia Gómez-Pérez (PharmAccess Foundation)
10:10 - 10:20O.03: HIV-1 3’-polypurine tract mutations confer dolutegravir resistance by switching to an integration-independent replication mechanism via 1-LTR circles José Dekker (Amsterdam UMC)
10:20 - 10:30O.04: The BAF complex inhibitor pyrimethamine reverses HIV-1 latency in people with HIV-1 on antiretroviral therapyHenrieke Prins (Erasmus MC)
10:30 - 10:55Refreshment break
SESSION 2Barriers to Testing, Removing the HIV Reservoir, and Reducing Transmission
Chairs: Maarten Schim van der Loeff (GGD Amsterdam) and Godelieve de Bree (Amsterdam UMC)
10:55 - 11:05O.05: Evaluating the implementation of home-based sexual health care among men who have sex with men using the RE-AIM frameworkHanneke Goense (Maastricht University, GGD Zuid Limburg)
11:05 - 11:15O.06: HIV teams as a tool to improve HIV indicator condition-guided testing: the necessity of being awareCarlijn Jordans (Erasmus MC)
11:15 - 11:25O.07: CRISPR-Cas attack on the HIV-1 provirus can cause unintended deletion of surrounding cellular DNAYe Liu (Amsterdam UMC)
11:25 - 11:35O.08: Detection of Intact HIV proviral DNA in the CNS of a virally suppressed HIV-infected individualMarieke Nühn (UMC Utrecht)
11:35 - 11:45O.09: Transmission of (drug resistant) HIV between the Dutch Caribbean islands and the NetherlandsMarije Hofstra (UMC Utrecht)
11:45 - 12:30SHM Monitoring Report presentationArd van Sighem (SHM)
Ferdinand Wit (SHM)
Panel discussion: HIV in the Netherlands: have we reached the last mile?Elske Hoornenborg (GGD Amsterdam)
Kai Jonas (Maastricht University)
Birgit van Benthem (RIVM)
Jet Gisolf (Rijnstate)
Hanna Bos (Soa Aids Nederland)
Ard van Sighem (SHM)
Ferdinand Wit (SHM)
Moderator: Marc van der Valk (SHM, Amsterdam UMC)
12:30-14:00Lunch & poster viewing
SESSION 3Weighing in on cis- and transgender women, talking sex and eliminating HIV and HCV
Chairs: Tania Mudrikova (UMC Utrecht) and Olivier Richel (Radboudumc)
14:00-14:25Plenary: Immune and hormonal mechanisms of cardiometabolic risk in women living with HIVMarkella Zanni (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University)
14:25-14:40Moderated Q&A
14:40-14:50O.10: Reversibility of TAF- and/or INSTI-associated weight gainMyrthe Verburgh (Amsterdam UMC)
14:50-15:00O.11: Development of a sexual health-counselling program for HIV care providers during routine consultations; an Intervention Mapping approach Suzanne de Munnik (Catharina Ziekenhuis)
15:00-15:10O.12: Assessing the HIV care continuum among transgender women between 2010 and 2020 in the Netherlands: does HIV care engagement differ from that of men who have sex with men? Elske Hoornenborg (GGD Amsterdam)
15:10-15:20O.13: Elimination of the HIV-1 viral reservoir using DDX3 inhibitors Jade Jansen (Amsterdam UMC)
15:20-15:30O.14: Progress towards WHO HCV elimination incidence targets among people with HIV: findings from the International Collaboration on Hepatitis C Elimination in HIV Cohorts Daniela van Santen (Burnet Institute Melbourne & GGD Amsterdam)
15:30-16:00Refreshment break
SESSION 4Protecting the Mind and the Body in HIV
Chairs: Reina Foppen (Hiv Vereniging) and Peter Reiss
16:00-16:25Plenary: Scalable mental health interventions for HIV: lessons from research in the Global North and SouthProf. Pamela Collins (UW Consortium for Global Mental Health, I-TECH, Seattle)
16:25-16:40Moderated Q&A
16:40-16:50Presentation of Joep Lange & Jacqueline van Tongeren Junior Investigator’s AwardBoard stichting NCHIV
16:50-17:30Panel: Vaccination for people living with HIV: novel issues and implementation challengesModerator: Bram Goorhuis (Amsterdam UMC)
Laura Laan (Amsterdam UMC)
Anna Roukens (LUMC)
Stella Zonneveld (Regional Association of General Practioners, ROHA)
Reina Foppen (Hiv Vereniging)
ClosingBoard stichting NCHIV
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