Presentations NCHIV 2015

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Presentations will be available in week 48.

Session 1: Epidemiology & Prevention I
Chairs:  Maria Prins (GGD Amsterdam; AMC), Andy Hoepelman (UMC Utrecht)
Plenary: Pre-exposure prophylaxis for MSM: What have we learned and what are the next steps? Jean-Michel Molina (University of Paris Diderot and Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris, France)
No decline in hepatitis C virus (HCV) incidence among HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) within CASCADE: 1990-2014 D. van Santen (GGD Amsterdam, Amsterdam)
Activation of immature Langerhans cells facilitate Hepatitis C virus transmission R. Sarrami Forooshani (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
Modelling the HCV epidemic among HIV positive MSM in the HCV direct-acting antivirals era. Is HCV elimination possible and at what price? S.J. Hullegie (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)
The impact of the number of comorbidities and aging on Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL) in HIV-infected and uninfected individuals N. Langebeek (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
Session 2: Epidemiology & Prevention II
Chairs: Birgit van Benthem (RIVM), Jean-Michel Molina (University of Paris Diderot and Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris, France)
The HIV epidemic in the Netherlands: an update Peter  Reiss (SHM; AIGHD; AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
PlenaryInside the sausage factory: how global HIV estimates and some decisions are made Tim Hallett (Imperial College, London, UK)
A new method to estimate the first step in the HIV care continuum A.I. van Sighem (SHM, Amsterdam)
Opportunities for HIV prevention among men having sex with men in the Netherlands O. Ratmann (Imperial College, London, UK)
On demand PrEP among MSM in the Netherlands: a cost-effective approach for preventing HIV-1 infections B.E. Nichols (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)
Home testing for HIV combined with internet counselling in the Netherlands: interim results of the HIVTest@Home trial F.R. Zuure (GGD Amsterdam, Amsterdam)
Session 3: Pathogenesis
Chairs: Monique Nijhuis (UMC Utrecht), Charles Boucher (Erasmus MC)
Plenary:  Towards an HIV vaccine that induces broadly neutralizing antibodies Rogier Sanders (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
Comparison of HIV neutralizing antibodies from infected individuals and vaccinated animals to inform iterative HIV vaccine design M.J. van Gils (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
A novel ex vivo HIV-1 vaginal transmission model: dysbiotic microbiota increase HIV-1 susceptibility N.H. van Teijlingen (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
Human TRIM5a restricts mucosal HIV-1 transmission C.M.S. Ribeiro (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
G3BP1 binds to HIV-1 RNA transcripts and restricts viral replication in macrophages and T cells K.A. van Dort (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
Session 4: Treatment
Chairs: Anne Wensing (UMC Utrecht), Jan Prins (AMC)
Plenary: HIV remission after discontinuing ART: is it achievable? Jintanat Ananworanich ( US Military HIV Research Program, Bethesda, USA)
Small molecule inhibitors of BAF; a new family of compounds in HIV-1 latency reversal M. Stoszko (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)
Diagnostic value of ultrasensitive HIV investigation in vertically exposed infants with negative routine HIV laboratory results A. Stam (UMC Utrecht, Utrecht)
Major protease inhibitor resistance in the first three years of second-line antiretroviral therapy for HIV-1 in sub-Saharan Africa T.S. Boender (AIGHD, Amsterdam)
A 12-week treatment with boveprevir, peginterferon and ribavirin for acute hepatitis C in HIV infected patients. Results from the open-label Dutch Acute HCV in HIV (DAHHS1) Study S.J. Hullegie (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)