Presentations NCHIV 2017

Session 1: Looking beyond 90-90-90
The HIV epidemic in the Netherlands: an update Peter  Reiss (Stichting HIV Monitoring; AMC-UvA; AIGHD, Amsterdam)
Many introductions but little transmission of HIV-1 non B subtypes in the Netherlands Daniela Bezemer (Stichting HIV Monitoring, Amsterdam)
Geospatial analysis and mapping of new HIV diagnoses, late presentations and GP testing practices in Amsterdam Lene Böhnke (AHTI, Amsterdam)
A qualitative study of perceived barriers and facilitators to the implementation of Social Network Testing for HIV among MSM with a non-Western migration background Chantal den Daas (RIVM, Bilthoven)
Plenary: HIV-related issues in people with a migrant background Julia Del Amo (Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid)


Session 2: Restricting resistance and reaching the reservoir
Plenary:  Long acting formulations for HIV treatment and prevention Daniel Kuritzkes (Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston)
Dynamics of HIV-1 resistance in patients treated with dolutegravir maintenance monotherapy Jeroen van Kampen (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)
Previous antiretroviral drug use compromises standard first line therapy in Africa and is mediated through drug resistance Seth Inzaule (AIGHD, Amsterdam)
Protective efficacy of broadly neutralizing antibody PGDM1400 against HIV-1 in humanized mice Marit van Gils (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
HIV-1 infection in macrophages reduces expression of pro inflammatory genes Zita Kruize (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
The CCR5 agonist Maraviroc reverses HIV latency, results from ex vivo studies and a randomized placebo controlled clinical trial Jori Symons (UMC Utrecht, Utrecht)


Session 3: Towards improved understanding and prevention of transmission
Plenary: How HIV infiltrates our immune system and lessons on how to strike back Theo Geijtenbeek (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
HIV-1 enhances sexual transmission of Hepatitis C virus by human mucosal Langerhans cells Bernadien Nijmeijer (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)
HIV and sexually transmitted infections in daily and event-driven PrEP users: interim results from the Amsterdam PrEP demonstration project Elske Hoornenborg (GGD Amsterdam, Amsterdam)
Pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the Amsterdam Cohort Studies (ACS): Eligibility, intention and actual use Ward van Bilsen (GGD Amsterdam, Amsterdam)
Abortive HIV-1 RNA transcripts enhance immunity against HIV-1 Melissa Stunnenberg (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)


Session 4: Achieving epidemic control
Plenary:   Ending the HIV epidemic in New York: lessons from New Amsterdam Demetre Daskalakis (New York City Dept. Health & Mental Hygiene, New York)
Estimating HIV incidence and the undiagnosed HIV population in the European Union/European Economic Area Ard van Sighem (Stichting HIV Monitoring, Amsterdam)
Cost-effectiveness of increased HIV testing among men who have sex with men in the Netherlands Maarten Reitsema (RIVM, Bilthoven)
Vaginal dysbiosis-associated bacteria Prevotella strongly increases HIV-1 susceptibility of Langerhans cells and CD4  T-cells in human vaginal mucosa Nienke van Teijlingen (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam
Autophagy restricts mucosal HIV-1 transmission and drives protective antiviral T-cell immunity Carla Ribeiro (AMC-UvA, Amsterdam)


Oral poster discussion session

Differences in access to HIV testing, treatment and healthcare among non-migrants and migrants living with HIV in the Netherlands: a cross-sectional study Janneke Bil (GGD Amsterdam, Amsterdam)
Community-based rapid HIV testing; addressing the needs of the MSM community in the Netherlands Anna Zakowicz (AID Healthcare Foundation Europe, Amsterdam)
Partner notification among men who have sex with men newly diagnosed with HIV at the Public Health Service of Amsterdam Oletta Eijpe (GGD Amsterdam, Amsterdam)
Attitudes towards PrEP among the general public: Effects of framing different target populations for PrEP use Mart van Dijk (Maastricht University, Maastricht)
Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among MSM in the Netherlands: motives for starting, choosing for, switching to, or stopping with daily or event-driven: lessons for future PrEP implementation Hanne Zimmermann (GGD Amsterdam, Amsterdam)