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Abstract number Presenting author Title
P01 Kruize Nef obtained from HIV-1 infected individuals vary in their ability to antagonize SERINC3 and SERINC5 mediated HIV-1 restriction
P02 Claireaux Low CCR5 expression protects HIV-specific CD4  T cells of elite controllers from viral entry
P03 Reiss Monoclonal antibody isolation from non-human primates immunised with consensus sequence-based native-like HIV-1 envelope trimers
P04 Prinsenberg An innovative approach to reduce HCV transmission among MSM: the NoMoreC project
P05 Elshout, van den Achieving higher adherence to daily PrEP among MSM in Amsterdam by providing feedback via a mobile application: results of a randomised clinical trial
P06 Stam Effects of Switching to a Darunavir Based Regimen on Low Level Viremia, Immune Activation and Neurocognitive Performance
P07 Bukkems Tenofovir plasma concentrations in pregnant women: comparison of hepatitis B and HIV-infected patients
P08 Waalewijn Pharmacokinetics of dolutegravir 5mg dispersible tablets in children weighing 6 to 20kg dosed using WHO weight bands
P09 Huijsman Changes in the body weight in patients with HIV infection after switch to an INSTI-containing antiretroviral regimen
P10 Oosterhof Starting a multiple-tablet regimen in HIV naïve patients: a cost-saving strategy (START study)
P11 Slurink Recently acquired HIV infections and associated factors among men who have sex with men diagnosed at Dutch sexual health centres: comparison of explanatory models
P12 Daans Prevalence of HIV and STI among transgender people attending two large STI clinics in the Netherlands
P13 Coul, Op de How to engage men who have sex with men with a migration background in web-supported social network testing for HIV ?
P14 Bogers Rationale, design and first results of the H-TEAM’s educational intervention project PROactive HIV TESTing in the hospital and primary care setting (PROTEST) 2.0
P15 Jongen Evaluation of the Hepatitis C testing policy for HIV-positive men who have sex with men at the sexually transmitted infection outpatient  clinic of Amsterdam
P16 Jansen Acceptability and feasibility of provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in general practitioner practices in Curaçao: aiming to reduce HIV transmission and break through taboo and stigma
P17 Heuvel, van den HIV Partner Notification by the health care provider: results from STI clinic Amsterdam
P20 Munnik, de Sexual health counselling in HIV consultations: A cross-sectional survey among physicians and nurses in the Netherlands
P21 Kooij, van der Self-stigma among people living with HIV: Results of a systematic review
P22 Dijk, van Slow uptake of PrEP: Price of PrEP is not the main barrier
P23 Kai HIV prevention needs after PrEP discontinuation in the Netherlands
P24 Götz Linkage to HIV care from Sexual Health Center Rotterdam: Timely entrance to care, but worrying loss to follow-up in non-Western migrants
P25 Vonder High comorbidity burden despite effective antiretroviral therapy in long-term HIV survivors
P26 Popping Excellent quality of life among people living with HIV in the Netherlands
P27 Arends Realtime data-analysis to improve HIV care: preliminary data from the Happi DataLab
P28 Hof, van den Adoption status is not associated with long-term immunological and virological outcomes in perinatally HIV-infected children in the Netherlands
P29 Hof, van den Health-related Quality of Life of Perinatally HIV-infected Children and Adolescents growing into Young Adulthood

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