Posters NCHIV 2017

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Abstract number Presenting author Title
P01 Giardina HIV incidence and number of undiagnosed individuals using a multiple biomarker estimator of infection times: the case of Sweden
P02 Reitsema The impact of immediate initiation of combination antiretroviral therapy on the HIV epidemic among MSM
P03 Santen Delayed spontaneous clearance of hepatitis B more frequent among HIV/HCV-coinfected and young men who have sex with men and people who use drugs
P04 Boerekamps Hepatitis C in HIV-negative men who have sex with men in the Netherlands and Belgium: a call for action
P05 Newsum Stable HCV antibody prevalence among HIV-negative MSM attending the STI outpatient clinic of Amsterdam?
P06 Hassing Prevalence of latent tuberculosis infection in HIV-positive patients in a Dutch outpatient clinic
P07 Boveneind-Vrubleuskaya People with human immunodeficiency virus eligible for latent tuberculosis infection screening in Haaglanden Medical Centre
P08 Palstra Making sense of HIV GWAS data: Allele-specific long distance regulation of IL-32 dictates isoform switching and confers susceptibility to HIV-1
P09 Lungu Genome characterization of HIV-2 biological clones with divergent replication capacities
P10 Symons Clonally expanded HIV integration sites are enriched for pathways in cell survival
P11 Haaren Antibodies from vaccinated rabbits reveal an immunodominant epitope at the base of soluble HIV-1 envelope trimers
P12 Lungu Changes outside integrase in a patient failing on dolutegravir maintenance monotherapy points to a new resistance mechanism
P13 Ait Moha Detailed HIV treatment cascade on a hospital level
P14 Kleene Regular Quality-of-life assessment in routine hiv care
P15 Schaaf Risk factors for non-adherence in HIV+ migrants are different between men and women
P16 Murungi Experience of living with HIV: diagnosis & disclosure – findings from the Positive Perspectives study
P17 Oosterhof Use of generic drugs in HIV: acceptance, adherence, quality of life and cost-effectiveness: the FUEL project
P18 Gumbs Low Level Viremia during Dolutegravir-containing Regimens in two HIV-infected Patients
P19 Hof Dyslipidaemia in perinatally HIV-infected children compared to healthy matched controls
P20 Munnik Management of sexual dysfunction in HIV-infected patients: A cross-sectional survey among Dutch infectiologists
P21 Leenen Development of STI/HIV home-care program ‘PacMan’: needs assessment among healthcare professionals and men who have sex with men (MSM)
P22 Bil Differences in access to HIV testing, treatment and healthcare among non-migrants and migrants living with HIV in the Netherlands: a cross-sectional study
P23 Zakowicz Community-based rapid HIV testing; addressing the needs of the MSM community in the Netherlands
P24 Eijpe Partner notification among men who have sex with men newly diagnosed with HIV at the Public Health Service of Amsterdam
P25 Dijk Attitudes towards PrEP among the general public: Effects of framing different target populations for PrEP use
P26 Zimmermann Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among MSM in the Netherlands: motives for starting, choosing for, switching to, or stopping with daily or event-driven: lessons for future PrEP implementation
P27 Finkenflügel Feasibility of using a mobile application to gather daily data on pre-exposure prophylaxis adherence and sexual risk behaviour among MSM: use over time and comparability with standard 3-montlhly questionnaire data
P28 Kruize Immune phenotype and cell metabolism of T cells in individuals on PrEP
P29 Bilsen Infection pressure in men who have sex with men and their suitability and willingness to donate blood